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Hey here’s the full scoop on what we do and a story… There’s no greater feeling than knowing a child is happy and safe.

Very blessed you’re taking the time to read this- thank you. I have lived in many different states in my life, but I must tell you that Missouri is the most heartbreaking of all. I’ve volunteered all my life for different causes but once I stepped into Missouri the children here jumped at my heart and hhaven’t let go. Ten years of watching children with ‘jumpy’ mothers and a shorter patience span than??? Little did I know that they were on meth. The city is frosted with meth, pills and heroine… and poor children clinging to the only thing they know as ‘home’… DFS here is horrible. Yes you’re thinking that they’re just understaffed right?! No. They do not have a clue on real abuse, even if you draw them pictures- literally. But they’re more than happy to accuse the innocent, the real heroes of horrific actions. They’ve drug me through the mud because we help. We’re nosy. We’re for the children. Told me that I’m not normal… thank God I’m not.  So here we are with are boots scuffed, still looking for those that refuse to look at us…bruised hearts. On our mission. I’ll start with Sydney’s story. A heartbreaker with a beautiful outcome thus far❤ ❤️The Story About Denver and Sydney…

  Six months after helping the boys… look at how his ‘turtle’ has grown! Someday I’m going to be a Ninja Turtle… So I can hide when I want and fight when I have to. Sydney-7 years old I want to be Batman…he saves people, I think Nick’s my Batman. Denver-9 years old ❤️ The Mother of these two boys has lived in silence for 35 years. Emotionally abused and more submissive than any caged animal. Only allowed to go to her doctor. She’d look at the doctor with a plead to help, only to hear her mothers words smack her back into submission. Dinner on the table at 6 sharp. Dishes done by 7:30. Control your wild kids… Give them medicine. And more medicine. The boys loved their Nanny. It’s all they knew. She made them both ‘feel good’ but sometimes it hurt. But Nanny was always happy with me if I was quiet. The boys went to school once, for just a short while. Nanny pulled them out because they were bullied. Okay…. Home Schooled. Never checked upon. Where was the City?! Never learned how to tie their shoes, ride a bike, have a birthday cake, have friends….nothing. Caged, like animals. Then my son Nick came across their garage sale…he noticed a ‘strangeness’ in her eyes. Put on his cape and here we are almost 2 years later. (The moms story has changed greatly, in which we won’t talk about here. She’s getting the help she needs) Big story coming… With A happy ending this time, and hey, it isn’t even a Fairytale.❤️ Updates: Denver is on cloud 9 with his father and new sister and brother! He has gained weight and has a happy glow in his eyes❤  Sydney LOVES his new life! When we first met him his speech was hardly understandable and now with a great speech therapist and his new dad coaching him 24/7- just WOW! He saves every wounded animal, bug & child. He sings, he dances, he shines! Very proud of this baby. He suffered the most. ALL forms of abuse for 7 years from his whole family. I know that it will take his entire life to heal. We’ll be with him every step of his journey. Please keep both boys in your prayers. ❤ 

Our Mission:  First to use half the funds raised to set up Sydneys college fund, help pay for medical expenses if needed as well as to get him his First Real Pet.  The other half is going for the children here that I feel need it the most. Could be a local establishment that helps children or to help pay for our future child abuse awareness campaign in November or December!  ‘Sing Me a Lullaby’… In which case I will need help with the marketing, bracelets and venue if not donated. Whichever route, I promise to keep you all posted on this journey. Please like us on Facebook under our ‘Hurts No More’ page!  My final quest is to Please, please ALWAYS listen to children. And believe them. I’ve heard many say that it’s not their business to step in… I say that if God puts them in front of you, it IS your business. They’re ALL our children. God Bless and Thank You!  ❤ Jodie /Romancing Joe Company

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